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We need more trials sites so if you think you can help or you know of a potential site,

then please download and print this flyer and present it to the land owner on our behalf.

Alternatively you can email us at and we will follow this up on behalf of the club.

Events Calendar:

All trials will be the 3rd Sunday of the month except December (2nd Sunday) or exceptional circumstances - where you will be notified in advance if you are on the emailing list.

Date                  Host        Event


Dec   9th - CCROC - Day/night trial *



Jan   21st - CCROC - Trials at Aggs Hill

Feb  18th - CCROC - Trials at Indemnifying Farm 

Mar  17th - CCROC - Trials at Yatton Keynell  

Apr  21st - CCROC - Trials at Frocester

May 19th - CCROC - Trials at Wagtail or Halford

Jun  15th - CCROC - Trials at Bidfield (Camping/Fun weekend?)

Jul   21st - CCROC - Trials at Aggs Hill 

Aug 18th - CCROC - Trials at Frocester (Other clubs to be directly invited)

Sep 15th - CCROC - Trials at Bidfield 

Oct  20st - CCROC - Trials at Yatton Keynell 

Nov 17th - CCROC - Trials at Whittington (Scouts driving on Nov 16th) 

Dec   9th - CCROC - Day/night trial *

* CCROC Championship points are NOT awarded at these events.

Full details for each event are published on the online Sign-On form a few days prior to the event. When Sign-On is open, the link to the form is published at and emailed to CCROC and other club members. 

Please email for details regarding membership.

Club Overview:

Formed in September 1989, CCROC is a club for Land Rover owners and their families to meet at social gatherings and at on/off-road competitive events. There is no specific catchment area, but our activities are generally centred around a 50 mile radius from Cheltenham and Gloucester but sometimes further afield.

If you have any Series, Defender, DIscovery, Range Rover or Freelander, and are considering driving off-road,  then this a club you should be considering, so why not come along to one of our events and see what we're about. If you have never driven off-road before then come and experience the fun but be warned it's very addictive and one Land Rover often leads to several! If you like what you see, sign up, get involved, and particpate in any of these events:

Monthly RTV1/RTV2, CCV and TYRO trials - usually the third Sunday of every month

Inter Club trials - national events etc

Greenlaning - occasionally organised at short notice (no set frequency)

Monthly social events - usually the first Monday of the month at various pub locations to cover our wide area

Annual camping fun/trials weekend - various activities

British Army Motorsports Association - day and night navigation/orienteering events

Annual Christmas dinner - with charity auction & raffle

Still not sure? check out to ask questions*.

TYRO is the easiest class aimed at anyone aged 13 and over, male or female, with any age of Land Rover, Discovery, Range Rover, Freelander and commercial/military variants from 1948 onward. This is a non-damaging class if set up and driven sensibly, so damage is extremely rare. This is recommended for new comers and those with newer or vehicles which the owner is more particular about maintaining it's good condition. Having said that your vehicle will get dirty in TYRO if conditions permit!

We run two classes in RTV - RTV1 and RTV2:

RTV1 trials have the same rules as TYRO but the terrain is slightly more challenging and you can drive from the age of 16. This is recommended for more experienced off road drivers using vehicles which are generally older and not in showroom condition but newer vehicle are eligible (at your own risk of course!). 

RTV2 trials have the same rules as TYRO but the terrain is more challenging and you can drive from the age of 16. This is recommended for more experienced off road drivers using vehicles which are generally older and not in showroom condition. Newer vehicle are not encouraged (any Land Rover or Range Rover model after1999 which is not a Defender). 

CCV trials are for CCV vehicles which must conform to ALRC regs. These trials are run in parallel with RTV trails but with more severe sections.

For both RTV and TYRO classes your vehicle must be road legal, having Tax and MOT, and passing a routine scrutineering at each trial. That said there are some modifications which are deemed illegal by the governing bodies (ALRC & MSA). If your vehicle bodywork has been altered in anyway, or you have any non-standard parts fitted (pattern parts are okay and some suspension mods) please list those items via email so we can verify whether your vehicle is legal for trialling. Illegal mods can invalidate our clubs off road insurance, it may not be fair but for now the club must adhere to the MSA/ALRC rules. There is one LEGAL modification that beats all the other mods hands down - a good set of standard size all terrain or mud tyres.


TEMPORARY membership is £10 and entitles you to two trials wihout entry fees. This enables you to try before you buy full membership. Entry fees are normally £20 per driver per event, so this membership immediately saves you £40 in fees. Driver entry fees are used to pay for land rental and MsUK third party insurance.

FULL membership is £25 a year - this gets you an MsUK club membership card. The membership card enables you to drive in any other ALRC club events and trials too.

FAMILY membership is £10 a year - for drivers who live with a FULL member (eg: spouse/children). FAMILY members also pay £20 to drive in each trial but can opt to be a passenger instead.

For membership details email *

* Companies fishing for business please note: ALL email correspondence will be ignored, deleted and blocked.

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