Fun in the beautiful Cotswolds

As I sit at home with a coffee and a very nice piece of Linda’s coconut and cherry cake I thought I would put pen to paper (or whatever it is you do with a lap top) to say a great thank you to all those who organised, contributed to and attended our annual fun weekend at Indemnifying Farm, near Long Compton.

I was unable to attend on the Friday evening but on arrival on Saturday morning found several tents motorhomes and caravans already in place on the nice little Caravan and Camping Club site across the road from the site.

But there was little chance to look around as Mick’s Blindfold challenge was already under way. This involved doing a trial section (more TYRO than RTV thankfully!) whilst blindfolded with hopefully a navigator who knew left from right telling you what to do. I was blessed by the presence of Rob Holland as navigator but found it hard to judge speed, never mind which direction I was headed in. This was a popular event and I did not get a chance to navigate due to time constraints but it is something well worth repeating, maybe with a team prize or even navigators prize since the latter are pretty important people in this event.

Next up was Rob M’s fiendishly complex but very enjoyable treasure hunt taking in the local lanes and a couple of green lanes whilst looking for phone boxes, house names, pubs, letters on a map, “Foxes” on a stick and all while following “tulip “ diagrams (which FYI don’t look like tulips).

This all makes an hour and a half go in a blur and I do believe even those who allegedly ended up in Banbury had a good time. Scores at the end were surprisingly close.

Then came clay “rabbit” shooting courtesy of Gareth. I missed this as I was putting up my tent before the first of what proved to be several heavy showers hit us but those who braved the weather had a great time.

The evening saw a marquee erected for the barbeque which was kindly provided by Rob H with burgers onions etc. donated by Stoner and other provisions by others including some of Linda’s famous cakes. A convivial evening then followed although being high up in the Cotswolds and further cold rain showers meant that the ladies later retreated to one of the motorhomes leaving only the hardier (dafter?) types outside.

At this point I should say that the campsite facilities were a huge improvement on last year’s facilities which in our tent comprised a bucket. The owner, Mr Newman had given us an exceptionally good rate and I am sure we will be looking to use his site to camp again.

The Sunday dawned dry and a good RTV turnout of 11 offset a poor TYRO turn out of just 4. The trialling was hard fought as usual with the

only casualty being a snapped shock absorber on Rob Holland’s 90. Newcomers, Patrick and Lisa enjoyed TYRO to the extent that Lisa even volunteered to passenger with Mick a couple of times. Brave! Brian was also a newcomer to RTV in his Disco and acquitted himself well.

We finished with the normal raffle and a sale of Linda’s cakes which in total raised £55 alone which was a valuable addition to club funds. Indeed even after paying for site rental and permits we made money overall this year which hopefully means we can make another contribution to a chosen charity later in the year or early next.

I cannot thank everybody individually since so many people contributed in so many ways but you know who you are. What I can safely say is that it was a really good weekend which showed exactly what this club is about. Good people coming together to have some fun together with a bit of gentle (ish) completion thrown in. Well done all.

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