Fun w/e TYRO & co

Setting up on Saturday was a bit interrupted by some hefty showers and other activities taking place but eventually I was able to set out 5 reasonable sections with the possibilities of reversing at least two of them.

By 10am on Sunday morning it was clear that there was a very low turn-out for the TYRO, only myself, Rob, Dave and new members Patrick and Lisa having signed on. I wanted to drive but ended up being the marshal too.

Section 1 was a simple meander along the grassy bank just inside the gate but proved to be more challenging than I’d anticipated with some high numbers going onto the score sheet. Being only 4 vehicles we rattled through the first four sections and were then held up waiting for the RTV competitors to finish one of their sections before we could move on. Even so, we had done all 5 sections well before the RTV had even finished 3. At the lunch break I got busy reversing 3 of the sections, to make 8 in all, with just a few minor modifications needed to make them interesting but still driveable.

By the time we finished the RTV crew still had a couple of sections to do so it was off to watch them finish.

Patrick and Lisa have only owned their Series 3 SWB for about 3 weeks so this was their first venture off-road. Although they struggled a little with poor turning circle and lack of power steering they did extremely well for first timers and such was their enthusiasm that Lisa was soon spotted ‘navigating’ for Mick on the last 2 RTV sections! Well done to you.

Despite the disappointing entries it was a fun and entertaining day, even the threatened rain holding off until we were all away from the site.

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