Halford - new trial site

For once the weather forecasters seemed to have got it right as Paul, Joe and myself arrived at the site on Saturday morning to set up in warm humid conditions.

This is the first time that CCROC have used the site for our own event although some members had already trialled there in a MROC RTV. The trial site is spread along about half a mile of the steep side of the River Stour valley. Much of it is quite thickly overgrown but there was a reasonable area towards one end that was useable for TYRO and RTV with a couple of other areas further along.

I cracked on with setting up the TYRO while Joe and Paul were looking for RTV sections. The useable area of the site is quite restricted so it did prove a bit difficult to find separate bits for each trial but, with some co-operation between us we, made the best of the available ground.

I soon had 5 TYRO sections set up with the possibility of reversing 2 of them. The ground was very hard and dry with only a little bit of damp/mud in places, even the steep bank was easy to drive up and down. Not as easy if it had been wet, I’m sure.

On Sunday morning it was obvious that it was going to be a very hot, stuffy day, especially down in the sheltered ‘bowl’ of the trial site where the bank and trees sheltered it from the slight breeze. As the long track to the site was very narrow, was a public footpath and we had been asked to observe a strict 5mph speed limit we had asked everyone to wait for scrutineering etc on an open area just inside the farm entrance. I’m pleased to say everyone complied.

By starting time, we only had a very low number of vehicles there, 6 RTV and 4 TYRO drivers, so we knew it could be a quick and short day.

Driving down to the trial area in convoy we were able to get the 2 groups going without interfering with each other’s sections and we had soon polished off the first TYRO section, reversed it and cleared the canes, giving the RTV team more space.

The remaining TYRO sections were similarly driven, reversed and cleared in short order so we were able to go and observe the RTV in action on their last 2 sections.

It was very entertaining to watch, especially the efforts to climb a 3 foot high steep bank. Some great efforts were made, mostly ending in failure. Even those who successfully got up the bank then let the surprise go to their heads and made silly errors. Gareth was so excited he took a turn way too wide and hit the next gate, Jim lost his mental map and went the wrong way through the next gate completely, Dave Collins reckoned he could drive it in “Big Red”…. He didn’t get past the 7 gate! Well done guys!

It had, indeed, been a very hot, humid, dusty day been we had some great sport, great fun.

Thanks to Joe and Paul for setting up the RTV. Thanks to everyone who made the trip to take part.

See you at Bidfield in August.

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