CCROC CCV takes off!

The August trials at Bidfield included TYRO RTV and for the very first time CCV. The TYRO was done and dusted over eight sections before the rain came with Dick Loveday sweeping all aside before him to take top spot. Old and new members and newcomers in TYRO stayed on in the rain to watch the RTV and CCV complete six sections. Joe Garne took top spot in RTV driving his Dad’s V8 Range Rover, while Jake Jepps powered his lightweight V8 to CCV victory.

The Rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the members who stuck around to the very end to watch the RTV/CCV, and at the debrief the new CCV class was voted a success by all so Comp Sec Paul Garne confirmed the CCV class will continue. Hopefully this will attract members from other clubs to join in and new members to consider joining CCROC to compete in this class.- Rob.

After many weeks of virtually no rain it seemed typical that we arrived on site to set up on Saturday morning in very wet, windy conditions. Rob and I had volunteered to set up the TRYO, Paul and Joe the RTV and Jordan and Fred were throwing in a few CCVT for our first CCV trial.

Dropping down into the trial field we were faced with slippery, long, wet grass but the dry ground underneath seemed to be soaking up the rain like a sponge so it wasn’t too muddy. Rob and I had 6 decent sections set up fairly speedily although we were relying on the rain stopping and it drying up for a couple of them to be driveable. We also had the option of reversing a couple of sections should time permit.

Fortunately it had stopped raining and was much warmer and drier the following morning although the grass was still quite wet. By the time signing on was finished we had 6 drivers in 5 vehicles including 2 Series vehicles and a Disco, driven by a new member.

With such a low turnout we soon polished off the first three sections, all proving to be good despite the wet surface. Scores varied due, mostly, to driver errors with “I forgot where it went” being a common excuse.

By now the ground had dried out very well so we decided it was time to try the section we had been waiting for, before the forecast afternoon rain returned. Surprisingly (or maybe not) most drivers failed the section well before we had thought they would, usually because they had failed to read the ground correctly or for a lack of momentum where needed. The Disco surprised everyone by getting up the bank we had expected to cause problems but the driver let success go to his head and he failed the turn to the next gate!

The final section we had set (by me) did cause a few mumbles of dissent about one short but steep climb up a bank but, after I pointed out there were no cross-canes so they could get a run at it, everyone had a go and managed to get up it. Not everyone then got past the next gate as they failed to make the turn or (in a couple of cases) tried to change gear. Loss of forward momentum guaranteed!

With loads of time on our hands as the RTV/CCV group still had sections to do we decided to reverse a couple. I quickly turned the numbers round on the last section while Dave Collins (in Big Red) set about adjusting one of the earlier ones. My reversed section gave everyone a straight forward chance of a clear round and I think everyone took advantage.

Dave, meanwhile, had altered a section to involve a short, steep climb slightly

diagonally up a stepped bank. Rob, who was marshalling, tried the section in his 90 and got up the bank but, in doing so, stripped away the top layer of grass/soil to leave very hard, slick ground underneath. Subsequently none of the competing drivers were able to get up it. Not to worry, it was our final section and didn’t effect the results.

As we were concluding the TYRO the rain returned, a good thing we were finished as the ground quickly became very slippery again.

The RTV/CCV group still had one section to do so we were able to go and see how they were getting on. Hopefully someone else will do a report for them.

Despite the rain it was a very enjoyable and entertaining day out.

Thanks everyone, especially to Rob for setting up and marshalling. - Dick

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