Man Versus Food (Club night at "The Boat")

I know we don’t normally write reviews about the pubs we visit for the social evenings but our trip to The Boat at Ashleworth for the November evening just couldn’t pass unremarked.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it The Boat is a small village pub, right down by the side of the River Severn at Ashleworth Quay. Its not a gastro pub/bistro just a good old fashioned local that serves both good drink and fantastic proper food.

The venue had been suggested by member Mike Pollock who lives not far away. Normally at this time of the year the pub isn’t open on Monday evenings but thanks to a good job by Amy in getting sufficient interest, they agreed to open especially for us. In the end there was at least 20 of us there, all eating so hopefully it was well worth their while.

As I said, this is no gastro pub and their meals reflect this. Good old fashioned village pub food with a lovely wide choice of sandwiches, basket meals and scrummy burgers to suit all taste. All their meat is sourced locally and the freshness and flavour was wonderful. It’s all cooked to order so sometimes there is a bit of a wait (about 20 mins for a burger) but the end result worth waiting for. It’s worth pointing out that the pub is really quite tiny, the kitchen is even in a separate outhouse and they have ‘outside’ toilets!

Several members had basket meals (sausage and chips, chicken, etc) and they looked both appetising and filling. Proper grub.

Now then……..the burgers!

Most opted for one of the many variety of burgers on offer. All served with chips and on a large wooden board, no fancy china here! But boy what delicious burgers!

The list of choices is too long to go into but two varieties in particular just have to be mentioned. Firstly “The Gut Buster” foot high stack of burger, sausage, bacon, cheese, fried egg (and chicken and pork steak if I remember correctly) all served in a bun and topped by onion rings. There was a token bit of salad too! Two of our mighty stalwarts (no names to protect Jordan and Fred) and both polished them off!

The second burger is their firey chilli flavour (coming in at around 150,000 on the Scoville Scale its certainly hot enough to bring on a sweat but still packed full of flavour. Michelle gave this one a go, brave girl.

We were also given a sample of what they claim to be the hottest burger in the UK…… around 5,000,000 on the Scoville Scale!

Served up with dire warnings and disclaiming responsibility this burger was incredibly hot! They even, should you wish to use your fingers to pick up the burger, give you a pair of rubber gloves to hold it with!!

Most of us had a little nibble as a taster It certainly made my face glow!

That’s not the end of it though as they are working on one that will be even hotter! Anyone gonna be brave enough to give that a go??

Thanks to everyone at The Boat for making us welcome and for such brilliant food.

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