Aggs Hill revisited at last

February saw CCROC return to the quarry on Aggs Hill for the first time in many years for a CCVT/RTV/TYRO event. And it was a welcome return to this very useful site.

We had a record turn out for setting up on a foggy Saturday with myself, Rob McCausland, Dave Collins, Dan Devereux and Mike Fry setting up the TYRO. Between us we very quickly plotted out 7 sections making good use of the terrain offered although we weren’t able to utilise the one decent muddy hollow on the site as this was teeming with rampant frogs and frogspawn. Being a redundant quarry the site has generally rocky/stony surface and a lot of banks and dips to make use of.

Sunday morning dawned bright and breezy but relatively warm which was good as the site, high above Cheltenham, is very exposed to the elements. We had magnificent views over the town, including the racecourse, and as far as the Malvern Hills. The site is also directly under the approach flightpath to Staverton Airport, visible in the distance, and through the day we were treated to a stream of various aircraft and helicopters passing a few hundred feet overhead.

Entries were very high, boosted by a good contingent from MROC (including 2 in the TYRO) and the RTV/CCV had to be split into two groups. Even the TYRO had 13 drivers, a very good number although we stayed as one group. With so many vehicles involved it did take a careful bit of thinking to avoid clashing on some of the sections but it all ran quite smoothly.

Starting the TYRO on a gentle section as a warm up everyone managed to clear it and get a boost to their confidence, Sadly the next section wasn’t quite so easy and several drivers hit the 8 gate, more hit the 2 or 1 and ‘Big Red’ got cross axled between 6 and 5 (only himself to blame, he set it up!)

Even with the big group we were progressing through the sections quite quickly. As usual the scores were quite varied due to the usual errors starting to creep in, including serious brain fade and forgetting where the course went!

By the time we stopped for lunch there were 4 drivers still with a clean sheet but I got well and truly stitched up on the next section when I passed the scoreboard to someone else while I drove. I was nowhere near that 3 gate, Your Honour, honest! I’ve been framed! (I have made notes in my little black book of the ones who shouted loudest.)

The drivers on all clears was further reduced on the next section when Tim Legge couldn’t make the 4 gate but at the end of the day we still had clean sheets from both Simon Atkinson and Rob McCausland. Very well done both of you (hey Dick neither of us had power steering either!).

Elsewhere the RTV had been going well although James Lane had suffered mechanical damage and retired and Joe Garne also missed the final section with mechanical problems.

The scores are shown on the website so I wont repeat them here but thanks to everyone involved with setting up and for coming along to help make it a very enjoyable day.

Many thanks too to Tim Fry for allowing us to use his land for the event again. He is restricting the use to a couple of times a year by CCROC and MROC so we were lucky to have been invited back.

See you all at the next event, an MROC RTV day at Avon Dassett but also with a TYRO set up by CCROC.

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