Avon Dassett

For the March trials we returned to the Avon Dassett quarry. The event was actually an MROC RTV day but we were invited to go and set up a TYRO trial too.Setting up was done as usual on the Saturday morning. Rob McCausland and I drove up in convoy and we were later joined which promptly behaved like a perfect classic and refused to let him get any drive through the auto box! After a few minutes of poking and prodding he eventually seemed to restore some normality but then it refused to start. Another few minutes of poking and it fired up. Mike Fry and I both said at the same moment “Don’t turn it off!” but, too late, he did! Luckily he managed to get it going again but decided not to run risk of further problems so set off home again.Ground conditions on the site were surprisingly good despite recent rain. In fact most of the site was concrete hard but with sticky goo in the usual places and a few big puddles to splash in. We were soon able to put together 6 sections, with possibility of reversing a couple of them later. It was gradually getting cloudier and windier on the drive home and there were a couple of light showers around but we didn’t think it would make much difference to the set-up.

Returning to the site on Sunday we found conditions hadn’t changed at all. It was still cold and windy and some dark clouds around but the rain held off. As anticipated turn out for the event was fairly low, 7 drivers for TYRO and, I think. 11 for the RTV. Once everyone was signed on and a short briefing it was off to play. The first few sections passed quickly without problems, just a few basic errors creeping in here and there to start the penalties mounting up.

The next 2 sections were in an area with more mud and water to contend with to add a bit of extra interest. The 2 Discos both suffered a little bit in the mud, adding penalties here and Mike Fry got his revenge on the marshal, for being given a 6 on an earlier section, by dropping sharply into a water/mud filled rut and sending a liberal dose of mud splatters flying. (The laundry bill is on its way to you, Mike!)

One further slippery section saw most pick up at least 6 penalties and the following section was scrubbed after we judged it just a little too tough for a TYRO section. Having finally recovered one of the Discos from this section we just had time to reverse one of the earlier sections before calling it a day. Mike Pollock decided to take an early bath at this point due to a puncture. We were packed up just in time to catch up with the RTVers on their final section.

The scores are shown elsewhere so I won’t repeat them here but special mention must be made of young Tom Loveridge, a novice driver from MROC, who took top spot in the TYRO with a totally clean sheet in only his second TYRO event. Well done! (He needs watching and putting in his place!)

Thanks also to MROC for inviting us to set up the TYRO at their event. The sharing of sites/events seems to be working very well and I’m sure we will see a lot more of it in future.


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