Invading Wagtail

When we arrived at Wagtail to set-up on Saturday we found that the Russians had beaten us to it. Parked up in one corner of the field was a Russian ex-military 6x6 truck and a 6x6 armoured car. They were there for most of the morning but didn’t interfere with our preparations. We didn’t see the armoured car leave the site but when the truck drove off it sounded very rough, not firing on all cylinders. In fact it did return along the lane as we were leaving and on Sunday was parked up by the farm workshop receiving attention. It would have been impressive to see them trying out their capabilities on the rougher areas of the ground though.0

After weeks without much rain I had expected Wagtail to be dry and dusty but as we (Me, Mike Fry, Paul and Joe and Gareth) arrived the heavens opened and we had about half an hour of persistent steady rain that very quickly turned the top inch or two of the crumbly clay surface into a sticky mess. The sort of sticky that attached to your boots and after a few steps we had grown a couple of inches. It didn’t last long and the ground quickly started drying out again under the warm sun and breeze.

Mike and I started up in the rough corner of the site and quickly knocked up 3 useable sections for the TYRO. It seemed that the area has been subject to a lot of heavy use, probably when very wet, and the holes seemed deeper and wider, more deep ruts too. This did restrict the TYRO possibilities a little but not enough to worry about. A further three sections followed on the other parts of the area, including one over on the grassy bank on the far side and we were done. The journey home was a lot worse than the trouble-free trip up there as, as Gareth had warned previously, there was a hold up of about 45 minutes to get through Stow.

Sunday morning was dry, bright and warm and the TYRO sections were again dry, hard and dusty and it looked like there wouldn’t be any problem with traction.

Numbers were down on usual, probably due to there being so many other events going on and members being away on holiday etc but we ended up with 7 TYRO, 5 RTV and 1 CCV (yes, 1!) drivers.

Signing-on didn’t take very long and we were soon off to our first section. As a nice gentle start we headed off to the grassy bank. A gentle up and down section to get everyone warmed up saw clears all round. The next section, along the track at the top of the site, was slightly rougher, bouncing about across the ruts, but again saw everyone get clears. The third section was more challenging and saw penalties start to appear on the score sheet. This section was then reversed and proved more challenging still, more penalties added.

From there it was up to the rough area in the far right corner for the 3 sections there. All proved to be a good challenge for everyone, requiring careful thought and precise driving, and the scores were soon mounting.

The trial concluded with a range of scores but everyone had managed clears on at least 3 sections.

Back down to the main field we were soon joined by the RTV/CCV group who were minus Gareth who had retired with a sickly motor. Dave Collins also returned on the end of a tow rope behind Jordan, having lost drive from transfer box. Fortunately this problem was resolved sufficient for Dave to limp home.

Clearing up and the end formalities didn’t take too long and we were soon on the way home. Just in time too as, by the time I got to Moreton, the threatening black clouds had decided to treat us to a few refreshing showers.

A great day of motor sport. Thanks to everyone who made the long trip up there. See you all at Bidfield in August.


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