Whittington Wizardry

The CCROC trials season concluded with a visit to the Whittington arena and both the weather and the course setters did a fantastic job for us. Six great TYRO sections had been laid out around the site on ground that was firm with plenty of grip. After a bit of a grey start the weather quickly improved to give clear blue skies, although there was a biting cold wind blowing.

For the TYRO we had a fantastic entry of 15 drivers, including 5 newcomers and 1 returning after a long absence. As well as the usual assortment of Ninety’s and Disco’s we also had 2 Series vehicles and a Freelander. Notable though was the presence of a newcomer in a very shiny black 18 plate Discovery Sport, on very standard road tyres. Everyone was keen to see how this vehicle coped with the terrain.

It was soon obvious, on the first section, that the answer to that question was “Really quite well!” Given the drivers inexperience he managed to complete the section with only a few stumbles here and there, the traction systems often working overtime, wheels waving in the air and an almost constant ‘beeping’ as sensors cut in and out. Quite impressive.

After 2 sections up at the top of the field we moved lower down to another 4 well thought out sections. Each one having challenges both in the layout and in remembering where they went!

As we were in the middle of our third section it looked as if we were going to come under aerial attack as, spectacularly, a flight of 7 replica WW1 aircraft spluttered slowly into view. They even appeared to change course and circled overhead briefly, as if taking a closer look at us. It later transpired that they were passing overhead en route to a flypast and ‘dogfight’ over Cheltenham Racecourse as part of the Remembrance activities. Not something you see every day!

Meanwhile, back on terra firma, everyone seemed to be enjoying the day. Traction was proving to be no problem and all sections were being cleared by multiple vehicles, just the odd lack of judgement adding to points tallies.

Being November the days seem so short and come 3 o’clock it was time to call a halt. We had done 7 sections but I think we would all have liked to do more if time had permitted.

This was the second event in a row with very high turn out of TYRO drivers, outnumbering, again, entries for RTV/CCV. We went round as a single group but, at this rate, we might need to start separating into 2 groups. Thanks everyone for your support.

Finally, very many thanks to the team of setters-up for the TYRO. I think it was a brilliant layout, a really great end to the season. Well done!

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