Scouting out Whittington

As in many previous years CCROC once again hosted a driving experience for the Gotherington Scouts on the Saturday of the November trials at Whittington.

We have used this site in rain, snow, fog and bitter cold in the past but this was to be the first time that the event was placed in jeopardy because of the extreme heavy rain in the days leading up to it. It was touch and go right up to the Friday evening as the ground was absolutely saturated but fortunately Paul, with some smooth talking and a promise to try and minimise ground damage, managed to persuade the landowner to let us run the event.

The gods of weather also decided to be kind to us for once and gave us a brief window of dry, bright sunshine to entertain our guests and the ground had even drained well enough not to be too soggy.

Dean Gore and his fellow leaders set up a relatively straight forward circuit for his scouts, avoiding the really soggy bits and any steep banks, whilst the usual reliable and trusted CCROC team assembled. After a short briefing to the 20 or so scouts each was given a run in the passenger seats of CCROC members vehicles to show them the route and tell them what they needed to do. Once all had been round it was time for the CCROC drivers to swap to the passenger seats and let the young guests (almost) take control.

A few of the older scouts had been to driving days before were soon picking up how to negotiate the route but for many it was their first ever experience of being behind the wheel. Naturally there were a few false starts and not understanding the difference between left and right but it was obvious from the smiles that they were enjoying the drive.

Each scout was given about 4 circuits in the variety of CCROC vehicles and by the end were really beginning to master the techniques needed.

The morning was brought to a conclusion with a fresh hot dog prepared by Dean before the scouts trudged off into the distance to be picked up.

Once again another successful day putting big smiles on the faces of potential off-roaders of the future. Very many thanks to all those CCROC members for giving their time and fuel to good use.

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