Play Misty For Me

November, Scouts Driving Day, Whittington, Three things that always go together and And, of course, the unpredictable weather!

We were really quite lucky this year that we even managed to hold the events as heavy rain in the run-up to the weekend had saturated the ground to the point where the risk of surface damage was excessive. Paul managed to sweet talk the landowner and we were able to go ahead with both Scouts driving day and the November trials.

Setting up was carried out as usual on the Saturday morning in bright dry conditions. Gareth and Joe disappeared off to set out RTV2 sections whilst Mark Lake and I found 6 suitable RTV1 sections. These were ‘test driven’ by Rob who had volunteered to marshal on Sunday.

Sunday morning was, naturally, cold and very murky, visibility quite reduced by the mist but at least it wasn’t raining. Sixteen very brave RTV1 drivers signed on, including several new faces with no, or very limited, off-road driving experience. It was decided to split into 2 groups to make things run quicker and Dave Collins stepped up to driver marshal the second group.

The ground had drained remarkably well given the amount of rain we had experience but was still fairly soggy in places and those on all-terrain or road tyres soon started to suffer from lack of traction. Despite this all the sections were being cleared and we seemed to be rattling through them, watched with seeming fascination by the herd of Hereford cattle occupying the field.

Dave’s group, however, seemed not to be faring so well with several (no names but you can all guess) drivers needing assistance to make it out of hazards.

As is now the practice we all stopped after 4 sections and returned to the ‘paddock’ for lunch and a special briefing regarding the new MSUK licencing requirement. More of this will follow from T’Committee in due course but please take very careful note of the details and act on them ASAP otherwise you will be refused entry to January’s trials!

After this we headed off into the growing gloom to finish off the remaining sections, followed by 2 more that Rob and Dave had cunningly and skilfully adapted to give us a total of 8.

By the time all were finished and cleared away it was already starting to get dark and more rain seemed imminent so the results were speedily announced, raffle held and everyone headed home.

Thanks to everyone for making it a challenging but very enjoyable day.

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