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  To compete in our trials you must satisfy the following criteria IN ADVANCE:

  1 - You must have an eligible Land Rover/Range Rover vehicle in accordance with the rules and
       regulations as specified by the ALRC & MsUK publications (see 2 & 3 below).
No other makes are permitted.

  2 - You must be a current membership card holder of CCROC or another ALRC registered club
       and be familiar with the rules and regulations in the ALRC handbook. 
New memberships are NOT available on the day - apply to

  3 - You must be a current MsUK RS Clubman licence holder
       and be familiar with the rules and regulations in the MsUK blue book.
Licences must
 be obtained in advance free of charge from the MsUK website.
 - You must be comply with the CCROC additional supplementary regulations as specified in
       the document here:

  5 - You must sign on in advance online no later then 36 hours before each event.
The sign-on link will be emailed to CCROC and affiliated club members in advance.
       If you nave not received the email then please contact CCROC via

  6 - The sign-on process requires you to accept and comply with the MSUK declarations below   
       as appropriate to your involvement at the event:

       The forms below are NOT to be completed/submitted - The sign-on process is proof of
acceptance of the declaration(s) below as appropriate.


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