2020/21 Season events 

Saturday December 5th 

CCROC day/night RTV trial at Indemnifying Farm.

12:30 Check-in starts

14:00 Trial starts

Under the current pandemic restrictions, anyone registering to compete or marshal in this event must adhere to the following three requirements:

1 - Eligibility: You MUST have a MsUK RS Clubman licence AND be an ALRC club member BEFORE the event. There are NO exceptions as we cannot process applications on the day of the event. 


For club membership email memberships@ccroc.co.uk

Apply for an RS Clubman licence at https://www.motorsportuk.org/get-started/2020-rs-clubman-licence/


2 - Reading: You MUST read and be familiar with the following documents:

MsUK Covid-19 info https://www.motorsportuk.org/restart/

MsUK trial regs https://www.motorsportuk.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Blue-Book-2020-1.pdf

ALRC trial regs 1  https://www.alrc.co.uk/stylesheets/downloads/ALRC-Competitive-Events-2019.pdf 

ALRC trial regs 2 https://www.alrc.co.uk/stylesheets/downloads/ALRC-Competition-Rules-&-Regulations-2019.pdf 


CCROC trial supplementary regs                  CCROC Drivers Briefing


MsUK Sign On Declarations 


3 - SIGN ON: You MUST sign on by Thursday December 3rd after reading the drivers briefing and sign-on declarations (ABOVE), by using one or both of the links below. Your details will be forwarded to the MsUK for insurance and Track and Trace purposes only:

Driver's sign-on link https://forms.gle/b8i6Xa5SJtGpeqAu9

Marshal's sign-on link https://forms.gle/WJhVMzKcLypQ8XJT7

In the event of this event being cancelled, all signed on competitors and marshals will be emailed BEFORE the event. Please check your emails before you travel. For all queries please email signon@ccroc.co.uk AFTER you have read the briefing document above first, as this should have all the information you require.

Additional information

MsUK permit for this event                                 Risk Assessment for this event

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